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My name is Krystian Biarda and for several years I have been working as a real estate agent in Warsaw. Nowadays I run my own real estate agency in Warsaw – Biarda Estate. I am a lawyer by education, which helps me with complicated formalities related to real estate transactions.

Immediately after graduation, I left for Great Britain, where I worked as a project manager in a large construction company. This allowed me to see what priorities the British have regarding real estate. I was fascinated differences in needs, requirements, and preferences between representatives of different nationalities. Thanks to that, I now understand better how to choose the best property for different people, and I use that knowledge in the Warsaw Real Estate market.

My experience also taught me analytical thinking. For me facts and figures are the most important things in transactions, not the emotions that buyers and sellers of real estate are often influenced by. Thanks to this approach, I am able to work efficiently on the Warsaw Real Estate market – better assess the real value of the property and negotiate the best prices.

Negotiations and emotions associated with them are my driving force in this work. Participation in making transactions profitable for me and my clients has become my passion and participation in the investment process brings me great satisfaction

Thanks to this passion and knowledge developed over the years, I can effectively help you in buying, selling and renting real estate in Warsaw.

Krystian Biarda Agent